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History of the company

History of the company

“ALFA INVEST” Limited Liability Insurance Company – one of the leading companies in the insurance market of Uzbekistan, established in 2003 and entitled to provide a variety voluntary and compulsory insurance in the general insurance industry (for all classes prescribed by the law).

Among the companies operating steadily with long experience in the insurance market of Uzbekistan, “ALFA INVEST” LLIC firmly occupies a leading position in the collection of insurance premiums and insurance payments.

Based on the rich history of insurance activities, highly professional level of employees, the most effective portfolio reinsurance protection system in the national insurance market and a wide network of regional structures in Uzbekistan, “ALFA INVEST” is sustainably increasing the scale of insurance activities, maintaining a high level of reliability and financial stability.

The persistent growth of financial performance of the company, as well as long-term partnership with large domestic enterprises and institutions is evidence of the reliability and robust pace of development of the company.

Our achievements have become real thanks to the trust of our customers, whose number is increasing yearly. This provides additional guarantees for high-quality insurance services, as well as the development of new directions.

Consistent victories in various tenders, competitions, as well as leading positions in the ratings of specialized publications are the outcome of the supreme quality of the being offered insurance services.

Over the course of work of “ALFA INVEST” LLIC, insurance coverage was provided to leading companies in various fields: Oil and gas industry, Energy industry, Banking and financial, as well as Government institutions.

The main objective of “ALFA INVEST” LLIC is attention to the requirements and preferences of customers. It is important for us to maintain fruitful cooperation with all our existing clients to fulfill our obligations and attract the attention of our potential clients with an integrated approach, high adaptability and a variety of insurance products.


  • Become an insurance company that is recommended to business partners, relatives and friends in Uzbekistan.
  • Success of which will be based on the first class customer service, innovation introduction, professionalism and teamwork, guaranteeing income for shareholders and careers growth for employees.
  • Our clients are the backbone of the insurance company’s business, because it is their loyalty that ensures the sustainable development of the company. The success of our clients is our victory.

The following will be implemented as part of the selected GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY:

Focusing strategy

Concentration of efforts on quality customer service and development of relevant and modern insurance products and services.

Financial strategy

Achievement of planned financial indicators, such as the standard of solvency margin and the standard of highly liquid assets, as well as obtaining the maximum investment income, increasing operating and net profit;

Marketing strategy

Creating an image of a professional technology company with reliable reputation among industrial clients and clients of banking sector. Increasing the level of insurance literacy B2B and B2C of clients in Uzbekistan, improving the quality of service and expanding the regional network.

Market strategy

Increasing the market share of the company through the introduction of online insurance, expanding partner networks, including in the banking sector and auto retail. Expanding partnerships with foreign reinsurance partners and providing insurance solutions in accordance with international standards.

HR strategy

Formation of a professional, efficient and loyal team that grows and develops together with the company.