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Marine insurance

The objects of marine insurance are:

  1. A ship as a type of vehicle with a certain value.
  2. The cargo transported by the ship.
  3. Civil liability of the ship owner or carrier for damage that may be caused to third parties, the environment, during the operation of the vessel.

There are the following types of marine insurance:

  1. Marine (river) comprehensive insurance – insurance of the vessel’s hull and equipment. The main risks covered by marine hull insurance include:
  • collision of ships with each other;
  • severe weather conditions;
  • grounding;
  • fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • general accident;
  • other risks.


  1. Cargo insurance (cargo):

-From all risks;

– With responsibility for a private accident;

-No liability for private accident;

Shipowners’ civil liability insurance is carried out most often through protection and indemnity clubs on the terms developed by these organizations.

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