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Comprehensive banking insurance

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The comprehensive insurance policy of financial and credit institutions (BBB) ​​provides compensation for direct losses (real damage) caused to a financial institution by illegal actions of personnel or third parties. Comprehensive bank insurance policy provides for coverage of a set of risks inherent in the activities of financial and credit institutions, which, in principle, can be insured separately.




The comprehensive insurance policy of financial and credit institutions (BBB) ​​is designed to protect the insured financial institution from losses incurred as a result of dishonest, fraudulent and malicious actions of employees, as well as actions of third parties with the aim of causing damage and unlawful enrichment.



Insurance objects:

The object of insurance is property interests that do not contradict to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, associated with the risk of losses in banking activities in the form of loss of income (additional expenses) of a financial and credit institution, which it may incur as a result of dishonesty of employees, forgeries and other fraudulent changes in documents, actions on on the basis of false documents, as well as with the risk of loss (destruction), damage to the property of a financial and credit institution or third parties in the course of their banking activities.



Insured risks:


  • Dishonesty of employees Loss of or damage to property from premises
  • Damage or loss in transit
  • Forged checks
  • Counterfeit securities
  • Сounterfeit banknotes

Damage to property in the premises.

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