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Compulsory (voluntary) insurance against construction and assembly risks (CAW)

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Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 532 dated December 20, 1999, “On compulsory insurance of construction risks during the construction of facilities at the expense of state funds and loans under a government guarantee”


Insurance object:

  • Objects of construction, installation and other works in accordance with contract agreements or contracts, concluded by the Insured (objects of contract work), including construction materials and structures, equipment and installations;
  • By agreement of the parties and when special insurance amounts are established, equipment of the construction site, construction equipment and mechanisms, and other objects can also be insured;
  • Expenses for clearing the territory after the occurrence of the insured event;

Responsibility for construction and installation work.


Insured risks:

Providing insurance coverage for:

Property interests of the Insured (Beneficiary), in case of material damage directly from the following risk groups:

  • explosion, fire, lightning strike, settlement and subsidence of soil, collapse, landslide;
  • explosion of gas cylinders, boilers and other technical and hydraulic equipment, apparatus, machines and other similar devices;
  • falling of cranes, lifted loads, blocks and parts;
  • failures of engineering networks;
  • mistakes, negligence in the performance of construction and installation work;
  • collapse of structures or their sections and parts;

any other sudden and unforeseen events in the insurance territory not excluded by the insurance rules and the insurance policy.

2. Property interests of the Insured in the event of his civil liability to third parties during construction and installation works, as a result of which the Insured is obliged to compensate for damage for:

  • harm to the life, health of third parties;

loss or damage caused to the property of third parties

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