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The objects of insurance of this type of service offered by ALFA INVEST are:
  • buildings, structures, equipment;
  • buildings, premises, construction in progress;
  • inventory, samples, models, exhibition items;
  • apartments, private houses and elements of their decoration;
  • inventory items, commodity stocks;
Insured risks:
  • Total or partial damage, destruction as a result of:
  • Natural disasters – fire, explosion, earthquake, storm (hurricane), lightning strike, flood, downpour, heavy snowfalls, subsidence of soil, mudflow, landslide, land fall, hail, frost, avalanche, all types of risks;
  • Accidents – an accident in water supply, heating, sewerage or automatic fire extinguishing systems;
  • and others – burglary, robbery and robbery, collision of vehicles that do not belong to the Insured (Beneficiary), deliberate unlawful actions of third parties, blow by objects, breaking window glass, mirrors, shop windows, fall of aircrafts.
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